Five ways to keep a beautiful smile at holiday gatherings

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Five Ways to keep a Beautiful Smile at Holiday Gatherings

Does this situation sound familiar? You enjoy a holiday feast with your family and friends and hours of socializing afterwards. At the end of the evening when you finally peer into a mirror you see it: the enormous black speck on your front tooth leftover from Grandma’s famous casserole that no one had the decency to tell you about. We’ve all been there! To help you avoid this embarrassing situation we’ve come up with 5 easy tips to keep a beautiful smile at your family gatherings.

Check your smile!

After eating, to avoid that embarrassing food-stuck-between-your-teeth-for-hours scenario, check your smile. If you are around someone you are completely comfortable with, you ask them to take a peek at your pearly whites to make sure your teeth are visibly clean. If not, make a quick trip to the bathroom or take an opportunity to take that selfie with a distant relative and check it yourself.

Drink Water

Drink plenty of water. If you’re unable to brush right after that big holiday meal, drinking plenty of water will help keep your teeth a little cleaner and healthier. Water can wash away any acids that you’ve encountered while eating. Water also helps restore balance to our mouths.

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Brush, Brush, Brush

To keep your teeth clean, white and shiny, it’s always a good idea to brush 2-3 times a day. Even through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, don’t skimp on brushing. With all of the sweets we typically eat, it’s more important that you keep up your good brushing habits.

Practices to Avoid

Occasionally, if a bottle opener is not handy, some of us get the idea to use our teeth to open the bottle. Don’t be tempted to take that risk! It may end up cracking your teeth. Make sure you have that bottle opener handy!

Please keep these things in mind and keep smiling as you enjoy your holiday season!

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