Foods to avoid at holiday gatherings

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Food to Avoid at Holiday Gatherings

Every year during the holidays, we are presented with a variety of foods, but how do we know which ones to avoid? We have compiled a list of five ingredients that are common to many holiday foods that you should avoid if possible.


While it’s difficult to dodge sugar at holiday gatherings, it’s important to keep in mind that sugar can damage the enamel on your teeth. The sugar reacts with bacteria on the teeth damaging the enamel by forming plaque. Some of the worst foods containing sugar are sticky and hard candies. They stick to your teeth and can remain for long periods of time. Sugary drinks should also be avoided, especially sipping them throughout a gathering. Water or milk are the best beverage choices for promoting healthy teeth.


Punch is a favorite holiday drink. Many punch recipes include lemon juice or other acidic juices. Out of all acidic juices, lemon juice is the worst for your teeth. Orange juice is the best for your teeth out of the acidic fruit juices, so it may be wise to check the punch ingredient list before drinking.


One family favorite during the holidays is a cheese ball with crackers. Crackers and other breads tend to break down in your mouth and turn to a mush that sticks to your teeth or gets in the spaces between your molars which is not a great for your teeth. If you do partake, make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards.


Vinegar isn’t discussed in very many places because it’s not something we consume alone, vinegar is an ingredient in many foods and can damage our tooth enamel due to its acidity. Foods that include vinegar are mustard, barbecue sauces and pickles. Some of the common holiday foods that include vinegar are deviled eggs and potato salad.


While coffee and tea are often promoted for good health. They are not good for teeth health. Out of all beverages, these are two of the worst culprits for staining your teeth. Even though many of us can’t make it without our caffeine fix in the mornings, it comes at a cost.

We know that it’s impossible to avoid all of your holiday favorites. Just be aware of these ingredients and attempt to drink plenty of water after consuming them if your tooth brush and floss are not readily available. Happy holidays!

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